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Welcome to Fantadrom Ltd official homepage!

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ActiveX page now available!


English version of this site is now available!

....Well, you might say, what have this stupid Webmaster done again, sitting in his chair, listening The Beatles and drinking his beer?

Okay. For one thing, he created programs, games and fonts for a very popular in Russia (and many other countries, I hope!) micro-computer Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Unfortunately, most of these games are in Russian, so... On the other hand, you can download them completely for free! Second, you can find here The Advanced Graphic Adventure Creator (from Incentive Software, advanced by Fantadrom LTD). Guess what, it is fully in Russian too... But you can freely download the sources of GAC games (including those in English!) And third, you can read the article about Tarot cards. I have devoted a lot of time to methods of drawing Tarot and placed here an article with my comments on it. Finally, you can read here about me personally (look Personal Pages). There are my photos (girls, don't miss it!). You can also praise my homepage in my guestbook.

In the end, I would like to say many thanks to Yang who put an idea into my head of creating this english page.

Alex Berezin,
main director of Fantadrom LTD

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